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Using a non-invasive assessment of lung injury in a murine model of acute lung injury

Arterial oxygen saturation has not been assessed sequentially in conscious mice as a direct consequence of an in vivo murine model of acute lung injury. Here, we report daily changes in arterial oxygen saturation and other cardiopulmonary parameters by using infrared pulse oximetry following intratracheal lipopolysaccharide (IT-LPS) for up to 9?days, and following IT-phosphate buffered […]

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Combined SCI and TBI: Recovery of forelimb function after unilateral cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) is retarded by contralateral traumatic brain injury (TBI), and ipsilateral TBI balances the effects of SCI on paw placement

… Heart rate and blood oxygenation was monitored with a Mouse Ox ™ pulse-oximeter A significant proportion (estimates range from 16 to 74%) of patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) have concomitant traumatic brain injury (TBI), and the combination often produces difficulties in planning and implementing rehabilitation strategies and drug therapies. For example, many of […]

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Synchronized electrical stimulation of the rat medial forebrain bundle and perforant pathway generates an additive BOLD response in the nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex

… Heating was provided from the ventral side. The breathing rate, heart rate and oxygen saturation were monitored during the whole experiment using an MRI-compatible pulse oxymeter (MouseOx TM, Starr Life Sciences Corp. Pittsburgh PA, USA). … To study how a synchronized activation of two independent pathways affects the fMRI response in a common targeted […]

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Overexpression of MyrAkt1 in Endothelial Cells Leads to Erythropoietin- and BMP4-Independent Splenic Erythropoiesis in Mice

… Animals were temporarily anesthetized with 2% isofluorane from a precision vaporizer (Midmark, Versailles, OH) through a nose cone and oxygen saturation was measured in the thigh using a MouseOx oximeter (Starr Life Sciences, Oakmont, PA). … Under steady state conditions, erythropoiesis occurs in the bone marrow. However, in mice, stress or tissue hypoxia results […]

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Ketosis proportionately spares glucose utilization in brain

… Heart rate, respiratory rate (breaths/min), plethysmography, and oxygen saturation (%) were monitored (via hind leg sensor) and recorded throughout the experiment using a pulse oximeter system (MouseOx, Starr life sciences, Oakmont, PA, USA) (Table 1). To maintain breath … The brain is dependent on glucose as a primary energy substrate, but is capable of […]

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