Starr Life Science Products

In-Cage Mouse Running Wheels

In-Cage Mouse Running Wheels, due to their low profile, fit directly in a mouse cage body and can be used in conjunction with filter top lids and standard cage racks while monitoring.

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Collar Sensor

Pulse Oximeter Sensors

The MouseOx Plus has multiple sensors available to monitor or record measurements on both conscious and anesthetized mice, rats and other small animals.  

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Tecniplast Activity Cage Systems

Continuously monitor up to 96 Tecniplast Activity Cage Systems using VitalView Software. For a complete physiological and behavioral picture, incorporate heart rate, core body temperature, or gross motor activity monitoring with our E-Mitter telemetry.

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Home Cage Infrared Motion Detector

The Home Cage Motion detector is an affordable activity monitoring solution that uses infrared light to detect gross motor activity of animals within the cage without disturbing the subjects.

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