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E-Mitter Telemetry Implants

E-Mitters are small, wireless, battery-free telemetry implants for use with mice and rats. E-Mitters are powered by capturing energy from electrical fields generated by the ER-4000 Energizer/Receiver. Wireless – No Tether No Batteries 2-Year Lifespan  No Refurbishing  No Recalibration  Lightweight Request a Quote

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VitalView 6 Telemetry Software

VitalView® Telemetry Software

Vital View Telemetry Software is a PC-based data acquisition and analysis software for monitoring and recording physiological parameter data using our E-Mitter Telemetry Transponders on a 24-7 basis

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ER4000 Energizer / Receiver

The ER4000 Receiver powers the E-Mitter Mouse and Rat Telemetry product family and receives measurement data back.  It conveniently fits under most standard lab animal cages and con be integrated with our Mouse and Rat running wheels.

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Our Multiplexer extends the function of the MouseOx Plus by allowing monitoring and recording of data from 8 or 16 subjects connected to a single MouseOx.Monitor & Record up 16 Subjects with a MouseOx PlusAutomatic & Manual Switching Options..Summary Screen

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