Introduction of a Rabbit Carotid Artery Model for Sonothrombolysis Research

.. For the surgical procedure, the animals were placed in supine position into a custom- ized,
MRI-compatible rabbit holder and connected to a monitoring device (MouseOx™, STARR
Lifesciences Corp., Oakmont, PA, USA) to control the vital signs during the procedure (Fig. …
The goal of this study was to develop an in vivo sonothrombolysis model for stroke research. The rabbit carotid artery has average vessel diameters similar to human M1/M2 segments and allows generation of a thrombotic occlusion using various kinds of thrombus material as well as thrombus placement under visual control. It further allows real-time monitoring of flow and clot mechanics during the sonothrombolysis procedure using high-frequency diagnostic ultrasound. In the present study, the model will be introduced and first results to show feasibility using diagnostic as well as high-intensity focused ultrasound will be presented