Overexpression of MyrAkt1 in Endothelial Cells Leads to Erythropoietin- and BMP4-Independent Splenic Erythropoiesis in Mice

… Animals were temporarily anesthetized with 2% isofluorane from a precision vaporizer
(Midmark, Versailles, OH) through a nose cone and oxygen saturation was measured in
the thigh using a MouseOx oximeter (Starr Life Sciences, Oakmont, PA). … Under steady state conditions, erythropoiesis occurs in the bone marrow. However, in mice, stress or tissue hypoxia results in increased erythropoiesis in the spleen. There is increasing evidence that the hematopoietic microenvironment, including endothelial cells, plays an important role in regulating erythropoiesis. Here, we show that short-term expression of constitutively active Akt in the endothelium of mice results in non-anemic stress erythropoiesis in the spleen. The initiation of this stress response was independent of erythropoietin and BMP4, and was observed in endothelial myrAkt1 mice reconstituted with wild-type bone marrow. Together, these data suggest that endothelial cell hyperactivation is a potentially novel pathway of inducing red cell production under stress.