The MouseOx® Plus is the second generation of the original small animal pulse oximeter  clinically validated and has been used and cited in a multitude of published studies. Use the MouseOx® Plus for vital sign monitoring or data collection of heart rate, arterial blood saturation, breath rate and more in mice, rats and other small animals.

MouseOx® Plus Parameters

  • Arterial Saturation – The amount of oxygen bound to hemoglobin in mice, rats, and other small animals.
  • Heart Rate – Able to measure small animals with heart rates of 90 – 900 bpm.
  • Breath Rate – Provides breathing rate using the same sensor
  • Pulse Distension – Change in arteries at the Sensor site due to a heart beat
  • Breath Distension – Change in arteries at the sensor site sue to breathing
  • Temperature – Monitor subject core body temperature using the temperature probe
  • Activity – Monitoring gross motion of a subject over a period of time

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