Life Science solutions for mouse & small animal research

MouseOx ® Plus


The MouseOx® Plus is the second generation of the original mouse pulse oximeter and physiological monitor. It is clinically validated and has been used and cited in a multitude of published studies. The MouseOx® Plus works on mice, rats and other small animals.

  • Measures Heart Rate, Arterial Oxygen Saturation, Breath Rate, Pulse & Breath Distension and Temperature
  • MRI Compatible
  • Monitor up to 16 Subjects with one MouseOx® Plus with Multiplexer sensor switching unit
  • Monitors both Conscious or Anesthetized subjects
  • Record and analyze data in a variety of formats and sampling rates

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E-Mitter® Telemetry System

Battery-Free Implantable Small Animal Telemetry

The VitalView E-Mitter® Telemetry System is designed for use with mice, rats, and other small laboratory animals. E-Mitters® are powered by capturing energy from electrical fields generated by the ER-4000 Energizer/Receiver. This allows the E-Mitter® to operate continuously without batteries and remain implanted for up to 2 years.

  • Telemetric Measurements – Core Body Temperature, Gross Motor Activity and Heart Rate
  • Battery-free
  • Simultaneously monitor and record data from up to 32 individually housed subjects
  • G2 E-Mitter is the smallest physiological telemetry implantable on the market (15.5mm L, 6.5mm D, 1.1g, 0.5cc)

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Rat & Mouse Running Wheels

VitalView® Activity Monitoring

Long-term 24hr/day monitoring of behavior and activity of mice, rats and other small caged laboratory animals. For a complete physiological and behavioral picture, incorporate heart rate, core body temperature, and gross motor activity monitoring with our E-Mitter® transponders.

In-Cage Running Wheels are designed specifically to work with standard cage bodies, filter tops and racks.

VitalView® Activity data acquisition software and hardware are also compatible with Tecniplast Activity Wheels and cages. 

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