Hypotension & Other Cardiovascular Disorders

Intravital live cell triggered imaging system reveals monocyte patrolling and macrophage migration in atherosclerotic arteries

Intravital multiphoton imaging of arteries is technically challenging because the artery expands with every heartbeat, causing severe motion artifacts. To study leukocyte activity in atherosclerosis, we developed the intravital live cell triggered imaging system (ILTIS). This system implements cardiac triggered acquisition as well as frame selection and image registration algorithms to produce stable movies of […]

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Glutamate transporter type 3 knockout leads to decreased heart rate possibly via parasympathetic mechanism

… Heart rate measurement of anesthetized mice. Heart rates of isoflurane-anesthetized mice (1.3 %) were continuously non-invasively monitored using a MouseOX Murine Plus Oximeter System (Starr Life Sciences Corporation, Oakmont, PA). … Parasympathetic tone is a dominant neural regulator for basal heart rate. Glutamate transporters (EAAT) via their glutamate uptake functions regulate glutamate neurotransmission in […]

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Postocclusive reactive hyperemia occurs in the rat retinal circulation but not in the choroid

was used to paralyze the animals and prevent eye movement.20, 21 End-tidal CO2 (Surgivet 18 capnometer), arterial oxygen saturation (mouseOx oximeter), heart rate (mouseOx oximeter), 19 and rectal temperature were maintained within normal physiological ranges. … Purpose: To test the hypothesis that retinal blood flow has a postocclusive reactive hyperemia response modulated by occlusion duration […]

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Recurrent Exposure to Subclinical Lipopolysaccharide Increases Mortality and Induces Cardiac Fibrosis in Mice

… losartan at 20 mg/kg/day. Cutaneous pulse oximetry was measured with a MouseOx Pulse Oximeter from Starr Life Sciences (Oakmont, PA), with MouseOx software to record oxygen saturation. Blood was collected at the time … Background Circulating subclinical lipopolysaccharide (LPS) occurs in health and disease. Ingesting high fatty meals increases LPS that cause metabolic endotoxemia. […]

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