Stroke & Brain Injury

Isoflurane postconditioning reduces ischemia-induced nuclear factor-κB activation and interleukin 1β production to provide neuroprotection in rats and mice

… Their heart rates, breathing rates, and pulse oximeter oxygen saturation were monitored continuously and noninvasively using a MouseOX Murine Plus Oximeter System (Starr Life Sciences Corporation, Oakmont, PA, USA) as we did before ( Li and Zuo, 2011a and Li and Zuo … Application of isoflurane, a volatile anesthetic, after brain ischemia can reduce […]

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Chronic imaging of cortical blood flow using Multi-Exposure Speckle Imaging

… Temperature was maintained at 37°C with a feedback temperature control system (FHC Bowdoin, ME, USA) and arterial oxygen saturation was monitored via pulse oximetry (MouseOx; Starr Life Sciences Corp., Oakmont, PA, USA). … Chronic imaging of cerebral blood flow (CBF) is an important tool for investigating vascular remodeling after injury such as stroke. Although […]

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Evolution of neuronal and astroglial disruption in the peri-contusional cortex of mice revealed by in vivo two-photon imaging

… Blood oxygen saturation level was assessed with MouseOx® pulse oximeter (STARR Life Sciences) mounted on the left thigh to ensure O 2 saturation remained >90% for the duration of imaging, indicating that mice were respiring properly. … In traumatic brain injury mechanical forces applied to the cranium and brain cause irreversible primary neuronal and […]

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Transient hypercapnia reveals an underlying cerebrovascular pathology in a murine model for HIV-1 associated neuroinflammation: role of NO-cGMP signaling and normalization by inhibition of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase-5

.. The oxygen saturation and heart rate (HR) were continuously monitored using MouseOx (Harvard Apparatus, Starr Life Science Corporation, Holliston, MA, USA). Body temperature was monitored with a rectal probe. Cerebrovascular response to hypercapnia. … Background Cerebral blood flow (CBF) is known to be dysregulated in persons with human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV-1), for uncertain […]

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