Vital Signs Monitoring During Imaging

Synchronized electrical stimulation of the rat medial forebrain bundle and perforant pathway generates an additive BOLD response in the nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex

… Heating was provided from the ventral side. The breathing rate, heart rate and oxygen saturation were monitored during the whole experiment using an MRI-compatible pulse oxymeter (MouseOx TM, Starr Life Sciences Corp. Pittsburgh PA, USA). … To study how a synchronized activation of two independent pathways affects the fMRI response in a common targeted […]

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Inhibition of VEGF-C Modulates Distal Lymphatic Remodeling and Secondary Metastasis

… Prior to the start of image acquisition, animal respiratory and heart rates were monitored using a pulseoximeter (MouseOx system, Starr Life Sciences Corp), and anesthesia adjusted to ensure similar physiological conditions between animals and across experiments. … Tumor-associated lymphatics are postulated to provide a transit route for disseminating metastatic cells. This notion is supported […]

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Perforant pathway stimulation as a conditioned stimulus for active avoidance learning triggers BOLD responses in various target regions of the hippocampus: A combined fMRI and electrophysiological study

… Heating was provided from the ventral side and heart rate, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation was monitored during the whole experiment using an MRI-compatible pulse oxymeter (MouseOx TM , Starr Life Sciences Corp. Pittsbugh PA, USA). … Functional magnetic resonance imaging and electrophysiology were combined to monitor blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) signals in […]

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Ultra high-resolution fMRI and electrophysiology of the rat primary somatosensory cortex

… Rectal temperature was maintained at 37.0 ± 0.5 °C with warm-water circulating pad. Heart rate and blood oxygen saturation level were continuously monitored by a MouseOx system (STARR Life Science Corp., Oakmont, PA) and maintained within normal ranges. … High-resolution functional-magnetic-resonance-imaging (fMRI) has been used to study brain functions at increasingly finer scale, but […]

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