Vitalview Animal Monitoring Products

As of 12/16/2013 STARR Life Sciences® has acquired the VitalView®/E-Mitter® product line from Philips Respironics®. These are the same products that have been sold by Mini-Mitter® and Philips Respironics® for more than 35 years.

With Data Comes Knowledge

The data obtained from our devices reveal changes in various parameters such as heart rate, temperature, gross motor activity and running wheel turns in animal subjects 24 hours per day, seven days per week. This data has important implications in a range of research and clinical applications for practitioners working in sleep research, animal research, or the pre-clinical trial environment. Our data acquisition systems simultaneously monitor multiple parameters in a variety of applications from circadian rhythms, pharmaceutical drug discovery, tehrmoregulation, sepsis, sleep, toxicology, physiological behavioral disorders and obesity. This will simply your data collection and help to avoid the time-consuming integrations of several variables from a a variety of data acquisition systems.

Animal Applications:

Telemetry – used to monitor temperature, gross motor activity and heart rate data. Our E-Mitter implantable transponders are specifically designed for the needs of the lab/ they’re small enough for mice and operable without batteries.

Behavioral Monitoring Products- stainless steel running wheels and activity monitors are just some of the other products to round out the needs of your lab.

Housing – Designed for a variety of sizes of lab animals, Techniplast caging features polycarbonate cage bodies for ease of use, cleaning and durability.  Polycarbonate cage bodies also allow the use of E-Mitters for telemetric monitoring of physiological data.

VitalView Software- Provides a convenient PC/Windows-based platform to monitor an entire suite of parameters.  Built in flexibility allows you to alter your protocol as results dictate.