Pulse Oximeter Software Modules

Whether you need to monitor the health of your anesthetized subjects or record data from conscious subjects, The MouseOx® Plus Software Modules provides versatility according to your research needs.

  • 3 separate modules
  • Options to simply monitor vital signs and/or record data
  • Standard, Premium and Conscious software versions available
  • Easily add Temperature Sensor and/or Non Magnetic Sensor of choice for MRI monitoring


The versatility of MouseOx® Plus’s Software Modules allow it to be used as a surgical vital sign monitor and in a wide variety of life science research models. Whether you need to simply monitor vital signs or record data from  anesthetized or conscious mice or rats, we have a software module to meet your research needs.

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Pulse Oximeter Software Products

Standard Software Module

The Standard Software is included with all MouseOx® Plus systems and is intended for basic monitoring applications, it provides Heart Rate, Saturation (Sp02), Breath Rate, Breath Distension and Pulse Distension.

Premium Software Module

The Premium Software now includes Temperature and MRI monitoring (purchase of respective sensors required).It offers trending charts,real time recording options,file markers for noting important events, and a quick averaging diagnostic feature for spot-checking.

Conscious Software Module

The  Conscious Applications Software includes enhanced filters and control algorithms which optimize the MouseOx® Plus for use on conscious, moving subjects.