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Ketogenic diet restrains aging-induced exacerbation of coronavirus infection in mice

Increasing age is the strongest predictor of risk of COVID-19 severity and mortality. Immunometabolic switch from glycolysis to ketolysis protects against inflammatory damage and influenza infection in adults. To investigate how age compromises defense against coronavirus infection, and whether a pro-longevity ketogenic diet (KD) impacts immune surveillance, we developed an aging model of natural murine […]

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Detection of Successful and Unsuccessful Pregnancies in Mice within Hours of Pairing through Frequency Analysis of High Temporal Resolution Core Body Temperature Data

Abstract Many controllable factors negatively impact fetal development, underscoring the importance of early pregnancy detection and identification of events that reliably predict potential complications. Clinically, core body temperature (CBT) is used to aid family planning and pregnancy detection. However, such temperature data typically are gathered in single, daily measurements. In animal studies, interventions or cell/tissue […]

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A new anesthesia protocol enabling longitudinal lung-function measurements in neonatal rabbits by micro-CT

AbstractMicro-computed tomography (micro-CT) imaging is an emerging technology with many applications in small animals, for example, the study of pulmonary diseases, although clear guidelines and critical mass of evidence are still missing in the preclinical literature. The neonatal rabbit is a valuable model for studying pulmonary development. However, the longitudinal monitoring of lung function by […]

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Inspiratory Off-Switch Mediated by Optogenetic Activation of Inhibitory Neurons in the preBötzinger Complex In Vivo

Abstract: The role of inhibitory neurons in the respiratory network is a matter of ongoing debate. Conflicting and contradicting results are manifold and the question whether inhibitory neurons are essential for the generation of the respiratory rhythm as such is controversial. Inhibitory neurons are required in pulmonary reflexes for adapting the activity of the central […]

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