ER4000 Set Up Guide

Looking to set up the ER4000? Download your digital copy of the user guide.

Troubleshooting Tips

The MouseOx Plus® is easy to use but there are occasions that customers have difficulty. We have listed the most common issues and linked them below.

VitalView Activity Download

Vitalview Activity Software Please click the link to download the zip file containing the VitalView Activity Software. Unzip for the file and save the .exe file to your computer. VitalView Activity Software Miscellaneous Software Click here to download Hardware Dongle software drivers Click here to download InstaCal Click here to download National Instruments TDMS Excel […]

MouseOx Software Download

MouseOx and MouseOx Plus Software Step 1 :  Click on appropriate link to download Installer.(Program can be saved to a USB drive and transferred to multiple computers) MouseOx Plus Rev 2.0 (Second Generation MouseOx, Serial # SLS-MP-xxxxx) MouseOx Plus Rev 1.6 (Second Generation MouseOx, Serial # SLS-MP-xxxxx) MouseOx Revision 6.3.13 (First Generation MouseOx, Serial # SLS-MO-xxxxx)  Step 2: Remove […]

MouseOX Faqs

Have a question about the MouseOX Plus? Check out the answers of the frequently asked questions about the MouseOx Plus.​